John J Oliver is an established, professional psychic and spiritual teacher

who is available for speaking engagements and psychic investigations for law enforcement.

  • His psychic powers are in demand.

    –Boston Globe

  • I consulted my audience warmth-o-meter: the needle was buried in 'Adoring.'

    He had been on stage less than 10 minutes.

    –Style Weekly Magazine

  • On a clear day, he can see Wall Street.

    –Entrepreneur Magazine

Haunting Evidence on Court TV
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Haunting Evidence


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2 months ago

John J Oliver

Vipassana is a most profound ancient meditation discipline that delivers the expert practitioner liberation from the suffering of the mind. Vipassana means insight into the true nature of reality. The suffering of the mind is not real and Vipassana meditation brings the practitioner the opportunity of having a direct experience as to why the mind suffers. In this realization, the meditator finds a changed and transformed life that allows happiness and bliss. Vipassana students are instructed on proper methods to deeply concentrate on the sensations of the breath and the body which are revealing the nature of the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind onto the physical body. Vipassana delivers the awareness of the creative bliss and emptiness of Existence, thus healing the mind. The Vipassana student seeks to enliven the Watcher beyond the mind and thoughts so that this self-observation brings the transformation to cure negative seeds, and chief features, of the suffering mind. In the self-exploration process in Vipassana, you are dissolving the illusions and mental disturbances that prevent the awareness of the clear mind and the Clear Light. The Vipassana practitioner is filled with renewed love and elevated compassion for self and others in this self-revealed awareness. The result is a healing that comes from the long-awaited insight into the nature of one’s self and self’s relationship to the Universe. The purpose of Vipassana is self-realization by a total merging of consciousness awareness with the Clear Light. Please note that Vipassana meditation retreats are very intense in that the practitioner will be doing at least 10 hours of sitting meditation per day. See MoreSee Less

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