John has taught hundreds of metaphysical classes over the years. This fantastic CD set, and one John recommends to all students, was recorded live at a public workshop in 1999. During this workshop, students are first introduced to John’s powerful psychic abilities through several highly ‘on-target’ demonstrations using random members of the audience. Students are also introduced to self-awareness for intuitive development. The skill of meditation is taught as a means to develop abilities of relaxation and concentration, which are vital to psychic development. Emphasis is on ‘right brain’ development, by learning to temporarily ‘set aside’ the left, or logical side. Specific exercises covered are established techniques for psychic development and for reading people psychically. They include: creative visualization, seeing and touching auras, telepathy development, dream exercises, and psychometry ESP through sensory touch.

This must-have CD set is now available as a digital download and will introduce you to exciting new perspectives on life and your own potential as a human being.

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Approximately 5 hours (zip file includes 10 MP4 files).

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