John J Oliver

John J Oliver is a spiritual teacher and psychic consultant. John teaches people from all over the world about the subjects of meditation, consciousness, mysticism, wisdom school traditions and intuitive development. John has meditated regularly and deeply since the age of 16 and actively helps others to access an awake life, higher consciousness and to align to their soul’s purpose on earth. John is committed to teaching others to think clearly, to meditate more deeply, to exercise more consciously and to love life more passionately. A huge part of John’s teaching is about education and service. John is involved with many non-profits, including the Baby Girl Project, Joyful Orange and the Tibetan Village Project.


In the pursuit of his own personal enlightenment, John has completed numerous silent meditation retreats, earned a black belt in martial arts, and participated in many spiritual initiations with renowned teachers of many sacred traditions. These traditions include Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Vedic Studies, Yoga, and Mayan Shamanism. All of this work stems from John’s work as an Oracle in Jerhoam’s Mystery School, which is a Wisdom School dedicated to personal and planetary enlightenment.

John is educated in the spiritual sciences of astrology, tarot as a spiritual journey of the human and classic school feng shui. He enjoys sharing these arts with students and friends.

John is one of America’s premier psychic intuitives living in New York City. He has an extensive background in psychic police work, ghost investigations, personal readings and starred in the Court TV series Haunting Evidence and Door to the Dead. Known for his amazing accuracy and uncanny insight, John has worked professionally as an in-demand psychic since his teenage years.

Having presented thousands of seminars throughout the United States and Europe on how to develop your ESP, he has also given over 13,000 powerful readings to individuals from all walks of life. For seven years, John taught courses in ‘Psychic Development’ at the University of Virginia and at J. Sargeant Reynolds College’s Continuing Education Department in Richmond, Virginia. In 1997, John presented a special program, “The Enlightened Individual: The Key to an Enlightened World” at the United Nations.

During John’s childhood, he showed great promise of psychic skills and abilities. As early as age five, his talents came to fruition when he began seeing spirits of people who had ‘crossed-over’. To most, the very idea of seeing an apparition would seem frightening, but it became a regular experience in his life. He was also able to pick up distinct impressions from antiques, and old furniture, with regard to their history and previous owners. He could sense energetic vibrations and auras, not only around people and animals, but objects as well.

As a teenager, John’s psychic abilities continued to develop and he began doing startling readings for classmates and family members that proved to be astoundingly full of precise details. Soon word spread throughout his community and before long he was contacted by law enforcement and private detectives to assist in unsolved cases. One case led to another, and even the Secret Service eventually interviewed John in order to ascertain the nature of his psychic abilities. Toward the end his high school years, he was invited to guest lecture at several local metaphysical organizations, and in time, many throughout the state of Virginia began to hear about an incredible young and talented psychic. He appeared regularly on TV and in magazines and newspapers.

John soon found himself overwhelmed with countless requests for psychic readings. After hundreds and hundreds of sessions, John’s reputation snowballed even further and he began receiving invitations to guest lecture at dozens of institutions of higher learning, and thus that became part of his work as well. He also received offers to speak in various cities throughout the country, including New York City and Los Angeles, where he regularly appears to this day.

One of John’s greatest talents is that he is a medium. He has contact with spirit guides, and in addition to using his own super-sensory skills, he utilizes the additional information he receives from the supernatural to provide amazingly specific psychic information. He has been featured on the Discovery Channel, a recurring prime time special on the Nippon Network in Japan, FBI Psychic Investigators, which had an audience of 23 million viewers, and on the Court TV series Haunting Evidence, in which two psychics and a paranormal investigator look into unsolved cold cases and haunted crime scenes.

In addition to John’s work as a psychic, one of his many passions and hobbies is martial arts. He is a highly respected black-belt instructor in traditional Zen Taekwon-Do, and he attributes that to enhancing his psychic abilities.